Library Fools

This year at the Children’s Library we decided to have a bit of fun on April Fool’s Day.  One of my team members did some internet browsing to find some simple things for us to do that wouldn’t cause too much distress for our patrons.  She came up with two great ideas (and unfortunately I never asked her to note what her resources were – so if you recognize your idea, then please let me know and I will very happily credit you):

1.  ”New” library policies.  She made a large sign for us to put front-and-center on our front door with ridiculous policies.  At the bottom of the policies it states that we also wish every one a Happy April Fool’s Day.  Here are a few of my favorites:


  <li><span style=”font-style:inherit;line-height:1.625″>Quiet voices will no longer be tolerated, shouting is encouraged</span></li>

  <li><span style=”font-style:inherit;line-height:1.625″>Drawing in books will be seen as a means of self-expression</span></li>

  <li><span style=”font-style:inherit;line-height:1.625″>Daily fines for overdue books will increase to $10.00 per day</span></li>


2. &nbsp;Silly/fun book covers on books. &nbsp;We put a Photoshopped version of the covers over the actual book covers using sticky tack to attach them. &nbsp;If the children can tell what’s wrong with them, then they win a sticker. &nbsp;This one I had a blast with since I’m learning very basic Photoshop and was quite proud of my results. &nbsp;A simple and fun activity for the kids that will hopefully get some smiles:

<p style=”text-align:center”><img class=”aligncenter wp-image-495″ title=”Fun Photoshopped covers of books! Kids tell us/write what’s wrong and they get a sticker.” src=”” alt=”” width=”584″ height=”439″></p>

I loved making these covers so much that I’m thinking of making more next year and doing a window display with something like <em>”What’s wrong with this picture?”</em> and having larger images of silly book cover parodies. &nbsp;Hopefully I’ll be much more proficient with Photoshop by then!

<strong>Update: </strong>The “policy” sign has been getting a fun response and a lot of laughter. &nbsp;The books have been a slightly different matter. &nbsp;Apparently we did such a good job that one of my team members missed the fact that they were part of our display (even with them being checked out to “Special Events”), and checked two of the titles out to a patron. &nbsp;And since then we’ve had several other patrons not notice the sign and try to check out the remaining books. &nbsp;Therefore next year we’ll definitely make it a fun 2-D window display where the kids can make up a story based on a silly cover!

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