A Brilliant Borrowed-Burrowed Idea

The biggest project is yet to be complete (ugh – waiting for a final shipment of supplies), but between last week and this week, I did throw together a display based on this fantastic idea from the ALSC blog. Generally on our shelves above the picture books we try to keep a themed display, but with Summer Reading Programming happening, being short-staffed, and knowing that our awesome library page would soon be struggling with getting all the items reshelved, well, I couldn’t ignore how great this idea would be for us.

It’s been up for half the week, and let me tell you, it’s already saved us oodles of time and sanity (both things which become very strained during the summer months). The random picture books have been flying off of the book stands which has been awesome. We’ve even had to pick books out of the book cases since our reshelving cart has been emptier. I think this may become an annual tradition.

I also fell in love with the bulletin board from the ALSC’s post, and recreated it in a much smaller format. All it took was yellow and green paper, brown construction paper, color copy printouts of several of the cute SRP critters, scissors, and double-sided tape. Truly, I cannot thank Abby Johnson and her team at New Albany-Floyd County Public Library enough for sharing this wonderful idea!

I think that I’m going to see if we can budget in some larger-sized sign holders for the Children’s Library. These signs are cute (if I do say so myself), but they get a little lost with all the larger-sized picture books surrounding them. Hmm…

Miss Mary’s also been working on an amazing project that we hope will become an annual summer programming tradition. Have I mentioned how much I love having a talented artist on our team? Well, I do. And I can hardly wait to show off her talent some more! Soon.

Update: With only a few weeks left of our Summer Reading Programming, I wanted to let y’all know how this has been going. HOLY MOLY WAS THIS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS WE’VE DONE IN A WHILE!!! Our wonderful library page has had very little picture book shelving to do this summer because whoowee do these books circulate! This is for sure going to become a tradition here.

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