Window Games

I have a lot of fun trying to decide what to do with our giant front windows that take up most of the face of our building. &nbsp;One idea that I’ve been exploring (once before with the <a href=”…g-picture-find/ ‎” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Epic Picture Find</a>) is having games or activities be the display. &nbsp;So far I don’t think that I’ve really hit on the best combination of prep-time vs. payoff, but by golly, I’m going to keep trying.

For this month I had been planning a display that was inspired by <a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>this post</a>, but I wanted to have fun with our dragon mascot and&nbsp;<em>Photoshop</em>. &nbsp;I also immediately had a vision of&nbsp;<em>Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? &nbsp;a</em>nd so <em>Where in Gretna is Booker T. Dragon?</em> was born.

<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-754″ title=”This may be one of my proudest Photoshopped images to date. It makes me happy every time I see it.” src=”” alt=”” width=”389″ height=”318″>

I had the best time going around town taking pictures and sort of setting up in my mind the way I’d insert the images of our mascot. &nbsp;And for the most part what I saw in my mind’s eye became reality. &nbsp;Here’s four of my favorite in a&nbsp;<em>montage&nbsp;</em>(because everything’s better in a montage). &nbsp;Wait. &nbsp;That’s film. &nbsp;I guess this here’s a collage (because most thing’s are consolidated in a collage):

<img class=”alignnone wp-image-756″ title=”I personally adore the &quot;selfie&quot; one of him in front of our City Hall. But I really had fun with all of them.” src=”″ alt=”” width=”584″ height=”422″>

I ended up making nine pictures total that were numbered (both front and back so that kids could either do the game inside or outside). &nbsp;I also made a little worksheet that the kids would pick up at the circulation desk. If they turned in a complete and correct worksheet, then they’d win a sticker featuring Booker.

Here’s what the whole shebang looks like:

<img class=”alignnone wp-image-760″ title=”Here’s the exterior, for when the kiddos are walking in (or if they want to take that activity outside).” src=”″ alt=”” width=”584″ height=”562″>

<img class=”alignnone wp-image-761″ title=”From the inside lookin’ out.” src=”″ alt=”” width=”584″ height=”569″>

The one thing I’m so glad that I thought of doing was putting a piece of black construction paper between the two printouts of the images. This gave them a nice black border, and also blocked the light so the pictures were solid and easy to see.

As of my writing this post, only three children have done the game – and all three had a blast. &nbsp;One girl even wanted to keep her worksheet as a momento. &nbsp;Two of the kids put their sticker of Booker on their library cards. &nbsp;The best part was watching a mom and daughter interact as the daughter kept trying to get hints from the mom.

But this is the thing that kills me: any time we have passive programming (which, admittedly, has only been introduced <em>this year</em> to the library with my encouragement), I am shocked at how little the patrons will initiate the activity on their own. &nbsp;However, if we point it out (and this includes the giant picture find – <em>how do you miss that?</em>) then both children and parents have a wonderful time together which is one of the main goals.

I do hope to figure out a way to get both children and adults more motivated to do the things that we create for them. &nbsp;If I figure out what on earth works, then I’ll be sure to share – I’ll definitely continue experimenting. &nbsp;If you happen to know the answer (or have suggestions), then please share!

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