Drawn to Puns

As I mentioned in my MA(r)Y post, we wanted to keep May’s focus on art. Therefore, the brilliant Brittany came up with our art-themed Great Wall-o-Pun. And just like Mary, she surprised me with how awesome the end result was.

"I Am Drawn to Art Books!" display featuring non-fiction art books.

She went to town with the fonts and colors (crayons again – can you believe that?!). She made a fake 3D art book, and then created several pages from that fake book that have “fallen” from the book. She actually created a few more after I took this picture – and she used many of the books featured on the display to create the artwork.

This has been a pretty popular display in terms of circulating our art and drawing books. I’d like to think that the combo of Mary’s dramatic entrance and Brittany’s fantastical display have inspired some children and parents alike.

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