Holy Mashups, Batman!

The other week I received a lovely surprise email from the remarkable Lindsey Tomsu. She was busy working on firming up details for next year’s Summer Reading Program, and wanted to see if I’d tackle “Surf’s Up” Batman, and maybe Robin as well. Her teens really love Batman ’66, and she thought that it would be a blast to add those images to some of their marketing materials.

Heck yes: this was such a fun idea. In fact, once I started, I couldn’t stop. So, enjoy the fruits of my obsession.

As always, feel free to use any or all of these images for your own or your library’s use! I have to say that I get the biggest thrill when I see any of my work used in any way. People who use any of them as their avatars usually get an insta-follow (not in a stalkery way) from me.

And also as always, feel free to reach out with a request. It’s a blast to get them, and I’m pretty upfront whether or not I can make it happen.

Click on one of the following links, or search this site using the tag #library logos to enjoy more library logo mashups!

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