We Called It Puppy Love

February 2016!

It was a blur of blurriness that involved death and a depressing road trip from California to Nebraska.

Bet you didn’t see that coming with a post with the words “puppy love” in it.

But I felt that I should explain why there’s really only one photo of what we did.

Natasia, one of our newest team members, came up with this concept, and she did a great job of executing it.

She did the lettering and the bigger red paw prints with red tissue paper. The lighter colored prints are photocopies of books featuring dogs.

I heard one little boy come up to our front door and holler at his mom, “MOM! PAW PRINTS! LOOK AT ALL THE PAW PRINTS!!!!!”

We recycled the Lovesick Bookworms scavenger hunt. Thank goodness I save most of the scavenger characters we make – we just all ran out of time to come up with something new.

Our reading bench display was titled: Books We Love, and was filled with staff picks for books that we think should have better circulation. Many parents saw the hearts and assumed it was our Valentine’s Day book display. You could watch them glance at the sign, and then look at the books and realize that most had nothing to do with love, and then they’d look back at the sign again.

We eventually made our Valentine’s Day related books stand out more, and that seemed to solve the confusion. But hey – at least the Books We Love display got people to think a bit.

And there you have it! February at our Children’s Library: simple ‘n sweet.

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