Libraries Are For Everyone: English

One of the bestest-best things that has happened as a result of having this blog is that I get to connect with librarians from all over the world. It’s just flat-out awesome. And sometimes those connections lead to a collaboration like what just recently happened with Julie Syler and Ashley Jones from the Saline County Library in Benton, Arkansas. They were preparing for National Library Legislative Day and wanted to use my images from my diverse library patron collections (collection 1 | collection 2 | collection 3). One thing led to another and we ended up making some pretty sharp-looking images for the occasion. (coughHUMBLEBRAGcoughcough)

Because we all love to share, we decided to post our creations here for anyone/everyone to use!

Without further ado – click on the frame to get a zip file of the original LAFE images (with the updated contrast ones, and a variety of globes):

Click the above image for a full set of English LAFE signs.

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