Libraries Are For Everyone: B&W English

A few days ago the kick-booty Brittany G., Youth Service Director at Waunakee Public Library, reached out to me. She had a request for me – to make black and white images of the original Libraries Are For Everyone signs. She, like many librarians out there, has grayscale restrictions on printing materials for her summer programming. Like any requests I receive, I answered her honestly: I wasn’t sure if it was doable or that it would look good, but I’d try and get back with her. I tweaked one image and sent it to her for an okay, and when I received it (I think it was something like “That’s perfect! I love it! Thank you!!!!“), I adjusted the six other images.

And because I know there are others out there who would appreciate this, I’m sharing my work here. Again, please use in any way (including remixing). I also want to again point out that I do not want my name on the work – especially if it’s as a sign or on pamphlets or whatever – it takes away from the impact of the simple imagery and statement.

Now, without further ado, grayscale versions – just click on the image below to get a zip file of these images:

Six Libraries Are for Everyone signs in grayscale.

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