Libraries Are For Everyone: Bookmarks

Earlier today I received a nice comment and a question from the magnificent Mary in Indiana. She wanted to know if I had a LAFE bookmark templates available. And I was like, OHMYGOSHIDOANDINEVERTHOUGHTOFSHARINGIT!


I had made a set of English ones for Library Week at my library, but realized that I could and should kick the designs up a few notches by including various languages.

Click on either one of the two sets of bookmarks below to save a jpeg that you can use on a letter-sized piece of card stock. OR click on each set for a pdf.

I’ve also included a jpeg of a single blank bookmark that you can use to make more bookmarks in any language that you’d like. We put our library’s name on the back side, but you could also add the language and what it means – something like that.

Have fun spreading the library love! And thanks, Mary, for helping me to realize that I had something that would save librarians time and/or lower their stress!

From top to bottom the languages are Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Klingon, and French. The side bookmark is English.
From top to bottom the languages are Amharic, Filipino, Hebrew, Tamil, and Icelandic. The side bookmark is Norwegian.


A blank bookmark template for you to use.

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