Libraries Are For Everyone: Swahili

Julianne, the delightful librarian at Rochester International Academy, reached out to me with two translations. Before I get to the first (spoiler alert: it’s Swahili), I just wanted to point out her school’s AWESOME mission statement:

The Rochester International Academy is designed to facilitate the cultural and academic transition of newly arrived English Language Learners through rigorous language instruction and interdisciplinary learning in collaboration with families and community.

Isn’t that wonderful?! I am so glad that institutions like that exist in our country – we really should have more like this out there to help welcome immigrants and refugees.

Now onto the signs!

According to Julianne, there are a lot of regional versions of Swahili. But the majority of students (and one translator) agreed that this one would do.

Thank you to everyone who made this translation possible!!!

Click the above image for a full set of Swahili LAFE signs.

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