Parody Songpalooza!

Every year when Free Comic Book Day rolls around, I try and come up with fun new things for our patrons to enjoy. This year, our library team’s awesome Ashlynn asked if she could help with the activities and I was all like HECK YEAH BECAUSE I HAVE AN IDEA THAT’LL TAKE TIME TO DO!!! And because of her awesome assistance, I was able to do it. Yay!

I took famous songs and wrote parody lyrics to help celebrate the comics nerd in all of us.

The most time-consuming aspect was that I decided to print out the lyrics on ledger paper, cut them out, and then hand-glue the lyrics and ukulele chords to a giant pad of paper.

A projector would probably have worked just as well, but it wouldn’t have worked for us during this particular event.

Here’s what it looked like in progress. I should note that I did not write this particular parody – it was written by the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl’s Ryan North and Erica Henderson.

Using a printer, scissors, glue, and a giant pad paper to share the lyrics with a large crowd.
Rebecca, Rhea, and Destiny – commemorating a successful Free Comic Book Day together at the Gretna Public Library.

Now for the best part of this post!

Go up to this post’s top image and click on it. Or the framed image, too. You’ll be able to download a pdf of ALL of the songs that I parodied, including their ukulele chords!!!!!


This took me many many hours – more than I had estimated. So when FCBD arrived, I had not practiced my ukulele enough to sound passable.

Thankfully, I had the incomparably talented Badland Girls to back me up and make me sound so much better. Yay!

We’re also showing off our favorite song: a parody of CCR’s Down on the Corner that’s all about Guardians of the Galaxy. We actually did an encore of this one.

2022 Update: I still get On the Milano stuck in my head. It’s not a bad thing.

Click the framed image to get your own set including uke chords.

The Song List

  • Batman Smells (Jingle Bells)
  • Odinsleeping (Are You Sleeping?)
  • Sub-Mariner’s Kingdom (Octopus’s Garden)
  • Black Panther Rules and Fights (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Theme (Spider-Man Theme) *not my parody, but I transcribed it
  • King of the Sea (Yellow Submarine)
  • On the Milano (Down on the Corner)

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