Forgetful February: 2017 & 2018

Funny story: apparently neither Natasia nor I remembered to take pictures of her great February décor in both 2017 and 2018! Okay, not so funny, but more…er, adorable?

So I’ll keep this short ‘n sweet.

What survives from 2017 is the prep for February’s window and the scavenger hunt. The theme was Toss Kindness Like Confetti.

The month prior we had a special sign set out at our circulation desk.

We ended up with less hearts than we’d hoped – the biggest reason being that kids wanted to write EVERY book, movie, and character that they liked on the front and back of a single heart.

In the end we had to supplement the planned design with blank hearts. The design was a giant green heart made up of these smaller hearts.

Why green? you may ask. Well, it’s our city’s official color (Gretna green, which I didn’t know was a thing until I worked here for awhile).

I also found a scavenger hunt that I can share with you.

Click on this image to get your own sign, pieces, and checklist.

And there you have it! The remnants of our previous two Februaries.

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