Display Power!

This year I was given the go-ahead to do some creative reworking of our teen space, and it’s been pretty fun. One of the best decisions I made was ordering a bunch of Umbra’s Strum Wall Organizers (FYI: I’m not being paid for this recommendation).

We’ve been wanting to order a slat wall endcaps for this area, but daaaaaang are they expensive! My solution was much cheaper, slimmer, and can move if we ever need them to. Plus they just look fabulous and help define the Young Adult section.

I do plan on adding a fifth bracket to that shorter bookcase on the right – I just ran out of time and I was too excited to share this solution with y’all. I can be cute like that. And I also plan on sharing with y’all more of the changes that I’m making in this area once they’re done. Again, I could have waited to share everything at once, but see the aforementioned statement on my cuteness.


(or is it…?)

(probably not because sometimes my cuteness verges on adorableness)

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