Libraries Are For Everyone: Odia (aka Oriya)

I am still absolutely thrilled every time I receive a new LAFE translation, and there’s been a flurry of emails sent to me as the school year begins. After all, it’s so very important to remind students that they are not less than during a time where bullies are doing all that they can to tear them down because the bullies think that they need to tear others down in order to feel greater than.


Let’s get to the Odia/Oriya signs! This is another beautiful language from India – I mean, just look at it!!! GORGEOUS. Like, I love me some English, but it takes all sorts of complex calligraphy to make it look as beautiful as Odia just IS.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to both the Library Media Specialist in Washington (hi, Ann!!!) and one of her student’s family members (hi, Padmaja!!!) who made this possible.

Click the above image for a full set of Oriya LAFE signs.

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