Get Your Mask On

One month ago, Angie Manfredi had brought RAYGUN to my attention in regards to good mask options.

I highly recommend a local Iowa business, Raygun. Like with all of their products, they are made with NO sweatshop labor and, in fact, Union labor.

Angie Manfredi

Then, a few days ago, librarianmusings2017 suggested</a>&nbsp;that I should make COVID-19 versions of my LAFE images with patrons wearing masks.

Then yesterday, I reached out to RAYGUN and asked permission to create a librarian version of one of their amazing masks, and they said YES!!!!

So for 24 hours I’ve been working on designing something that I hope means as much to you as it does to me. And as always on my site, you may download anything, modify/remix, and use it however you’d like. And like all of my minimalist work, I ask that you don’t credit me on the work itself.

ETA: You can now own a high-quality face mask from RAYGUN featuring a black and white version of this design! They’ve sold out twice now, but plan on getting another even bigger batch soon. So if they’re sold out, then be sure to sign up for an email notification when they’re back in stock. They’re donating part of the proceeds to EveryLibrary. Yay!!!
UPDATE: They’ve finally ended production of these masks, so I hope that you got them while you could!

A huge THANK YOU to my library-people: Angie and librarianmusings2017.

An enormous THANK YOU my RAYGUN-people: Sammy and Mike.

Without all of your help, this design would’ve never happened.

I hope that y’all support RAYGUN by purchasing one of their masks, or one of their shirts, America Needs Librarians stuff, or lots of their many other things.

I now have Spanish versions of this design available.

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