A Great Update

Besides recently giving our library’s community space a much needed update, I’ve also been trying to make our office a bit nicer. I share this office with Jennifer, our Children’s Librarian, and it’s pretty much the hub for the rest of our team.

The doorway leading out to the circulation desk has had its share of fun décor over the years. In the before photo, all of the random things on the left side of the door are unclaimed things found in returned books. The 9,500 number was how many kids’ event attendees we were hoping for that year.




It feels SO GOOD to declutter and beautify our small office space.

And it was one of those “D’oh!” moments when I realized that our city’s motto (“The Great Life”) should make the vision statement be “great” memories.

I’m also going to throw in a super-simple tutorial for those who may never given laminating much thought. If you want to take your laminating to a whole new level? Use some tape and some super glue.

A Super-Simple Laminating Tutorial

  • First, I taped one inner-side of the laminating sheet down in order to make it a stable surface.
  • Second, I used the natural straight line created between the wood edging and the laminate top as a guide to line up the letters.
  • Third, I used a bit of super glue on the back of the letters to stick them exactly where I wanted them.
  • Finally, I removed the tape and easily transferred the sheet over and into the laminator.


Now if you’re reading this and realize that this is where I’m going to leave you, and you’re like, “But wait! I want more details!!! WHY HAVE YOU FORESAKEN ME?!?!?” Sorry about that! Just ask for details on any aspect on social media, or by email (hafuboti@gmail.com). I promise: you haven’t been…foresakened? foresook? foresaked? I haven’t abandoned you.

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