Even More Signs

Okay, so it turned out that my three part new sign series has a fourth part. What can I say? I rebel against…uh, numbers?

Along with our directional and informational signs from 2015, I realized that our “rules” signs also needed a refresh.



You can read more about them and get the artwork for them in this post.

In the After picture, the library images behind the children in the top and bottom signs are pictures of our library. I thought it’d really personalize the images. That said, that personalization wouldn’t work for you if you wanted to use these signs, too. So I modified them so that you can use all three, too! Click on the image below to download your own Library Expectations signs.

In a 2022 update, I changed the word “nice” to “kind.” Many of our public schools have focused on kindness, and so it felt like these signs would resonate with more kids with that particular language.

Well, I could say that this is the final sign update of the year, but I won’t. ‘Cuz I might.

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