#LAFE Vectors

Last year, Jonathan, the Scholarly Communications and Digital Librarian at The University of New Mexico’s Health Sciences Library & Informatics Center, sent a very kind email asking about vector versions of my #LAFE designs. We had a nice email exchange – though I was unable to help since I was still a novice at vector software, and couldn’t help in this area.

This is when something awesome occurred: a team of librarians at Jonathans’s library came together to create a vector file so that they could create a lovely sign to help make students feel welcomed.


I have added a button at the top of the #LAFE Library collection for this vector file to hopefully help it be easier to find.

I am just so very happy that these wonderful librarians reached out and were so kind and understanding and generous AND ALL THE GOOD THINGS.

Feel free to send this library team an email sharing how you use their design. Getting that sort of an email is a total day-brightener:

I had a great time corresponding with everyone involved:

  • Kelleen, the Student Success and Engagement Librarian
  • Tamara, the Sponsored Projects Specialist and main work-onner of this project.
  • And, of course, Jonathan.

And I’ve had some wonderful surprises from librarian-collaborators over the years, but this one is especially wonderful. It gets me right-in-the-heart every time I think of it: Jonathan, Kelleen, and Tamara wanted to share their work with everyone. ::wipes away tears::

Click on the image below to get a download the vector file within a zip file (black frame not included):

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