LEGO MAY-nia 5: The Battle for the Planet of the LEGOs

My take on the 5th installment of the original Planet of the Apes movies.
The poster I’m riffing on. Yes, it’s less funny when a joke needs an explanation. But it is what it is.

You may get an odd sense of déjà vu while you read this post, and there’s good reason for it: I’ve shared this information previously in my 2017 Décor Themes post. I’m revisiting this since my LEGO-themed posts are unsurprisingly some of the most popular pins on Pinterest. I also wanted to write a bit more about what we did and why.

As LEGO MAY-nia 2017 approached, we really were starting to feel burned-out on this theme. Therefore, we decided that it would be the last time that we celebrated all things LEGO in May. We also felt like we were giving a lot of free advertising to the LEGO company. Plus, we had plenty of other things we wanted to do instead. All that said, we went out with quite a LEGO bang!

The front window display was made using plastic table cloths and cardstock consisting of eight different colors – easy and impactful.

Building of the 3-D LEGO minifig made of LEGOs.
::Inception BRAAAM::
We attached real LEGOs on our wall to hide all of the paint damage from sticky tack. ::side eyes sticky tack::

We decided to go a non-fiction route for our reading bench display.

All of the books involved inventors, inventions, architecture, and anything else we felt fit under the theme of real “master builders.”

We found high-res versions of LEGO mini-figs that were based on real people that fit our display’s theme. You can see them on the wooden beam in both of the windows.

To add to the educational aspect of this display, we affixed ultra-brief bios of each real-life “Master Builder” underneath their LEGO Mini Figs so that people could sit on the bench and look up to learn something.

It was fun to watch kids and parents read aloud this information.
Natasia made these awesome giant LEGO bricks and grouped them in a smaller space so that they’d have a bigger impact.
Large LEGO Brick Closeup pre-painting.

And although LEGO MAY-nia is over, we will forever do our most popular passive program: The Little Library LEGO Club. Well, when I say “forever,” I mean whenever there isn’t a pandemic going on.

A HUGE shout-out goes to S Bryce Kozla for this program.

This year we finally decided to not put batteries into the base (the tower would become too heavy to spin by the second week), and let the kids turn the platform to find the perfect spot. This has been a wonderful change that I wish we’d done from the beginning.

And there you have it: our epic final LEGO MAY-nia!

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions about this or anything else I share on Hafuboti:

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