In Memoriam

This is a rather challenging post to write since the theme for October 2021 was in honor of a dear library patron who unexpectedly passed away. They were a huge proponent of early literacy, and were a core part of the family who runs our town’s incredibly popular pumpkin patch. Our team decided we wanted to make our theme in honor of their legacy. We didn’t overtly state that’s what we were doing, but several parents did pick up on the theme.

Meggie did an incredible job creating the scarecrow out of scrapbooking paper.

I then had the horrible job of telling Meggie that she has to create a second scarecrow to be the back side. After all, her first work was paint splats, so it naturally worked in both directions.

Ah, the blessing/curse of window decorating.

But she rallied and made both sides look special.

Heba cut out all of those fall leaves, and then attached them to brown jute. I think they tried to attach them several different ways – but ended up scotch taping them. It wasn’t abnormal to arrive in the morning to find a few fallen leaves that we’d just tape back up.

Feel free to click on either of these images to get a better view.

Basically, Meggie added a tree where the sign would usually go – with an owl mom and baby hidden in the leaves.

There was also a sweet little squirrel with an acorn to the left. One little girl was so enamored with it, that we gave it to her once the décor was taken down.

There was also a squirrel in the front window, to the right of the scarecrow. We couldn’t resist having it say (while perched atop a pile of hay) “Hay there!”

With the “Corn-y Jokes” on our whiteboard (hello, Nebraska ::taps mic:: is this thing on?), we originally didn’t have the “Ask a librarian for the answers” directive. This was added after a few parents were confused, like the answers should be there. Maybe next time we do something like this, we could write the answers upside down? It’s worth trying.

This theme was pretty sweet and to-the-point. That said, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about what we did, why, or how we did it.

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