Have a Shiny New Year

During the cold gray days of winter, I almost always request that we do a colorful theme – even better if there’s twirling décor as part of it.

As I helped work on the front windows of the previous month, it occurred to me that if we took down the snowflakes and snowman, and add more sparklies, then it would feel like we were celebrating the new year.

I always get excited when we can tweak a month’s theme to transition nicely into the next.

The biggest effort went into making the large pieces of confetti – which helped to use up a bunch of the small paper plates that I had accidentally purchased thinking that they were dinner plate sized. Heh.

Having the large confetti further back from the windows gave this simple theme more depth and movement.

And we continued the confetti along the reading bench area (where it hid the paint damage done by sticky tack), all the way over to the whiteboard.

Soooo shinyyyy…

For small/lightweight objects, I’ll do a tape loops and then cut them down to halves or thirds. This really helps extend the scotch tape’s use.

You can’t really tell from the whiteboard photo, but the text Meggie cut out was on very sparkly green paper.

Then she cut up some aluminum sheets (using cool scissors like this) to make a cute garland).

How to Make Giant Confetti

Hover over the image to see its description.

Click on an image to see it full-sized.

And there you have it: our shiny new year theme!

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about this or anything else on this site: hafuboti@gmail.com.

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