It’s Februberry!

Oh my gosh I love this theme. It has it all: puns, cuteness, and an activity for adults! Meggie did an incredible job with this one – you can tell that she was hitting her monthly theme stride. Oh those adorable berries in those crafty baskets. ADORABLE.

Can you spot the one blueberry that may be questioning its life choices? I love that one.

Allrighty then – let’s get to the rest of it, cuz there’s a lot to get to.

So much paper berry goodness all around, which of course, attracts paper plate birds.

Meggie made a fantastic interactive experience in the windows for both caregivers and their children. We heard quite a few patrons reading this aloud and testing each other.

This quiz was also on the outside of the building so that anyone in our community could take it.

Click this image to get a set of berry Q&As

Over on our whiteboard, Meggie put together some fun facts. The Harry Styles one amused me every. single. time. that I walked past it.

Get your own set of facts by clicking the framed image below.

And now we get to a part where I had an idea – an idea for the front window. I kept envisioning a small picture of Bill Hader’s character Barry snuck into the front window for a few caregivers to notice and hopefully be amused by its inclusion.

But then I realized that this would take away from Meggie’s beautiful work.

Thus was created our first (and so far only) passive game for adults at the Children’s Library.

I put it on one of the plexi barriers (heh – just realized “berry-ers”) on our circulation desk.

I used contact paper to affix the printouts without causing any damage.

I can’t say that it was a big hit, but I did hear a handful of adults (sometimes with their older children), trying to name everyone.

I created a hint sheet for our team to use so that they didn’t have to think up hints on-the-spot.

Yes – it’s another download!

Finally, I want to acknowledge our awesome Children’s Librarian Jennifer, for creating so many great take-home craft kits. And bonus applause goes to both Meggie and Heba for assembling them.

Many times the bags tied-in with the theme, which was a major bonus. And I think we gave away every single one.

We still get asked if we’ll have these great self-directed kits again, but they’re so resource-heavy that they’re just not practical at this time.

That about covers our epic month of berries!

As always, let me know if you have any questions, or have any issues with the downloads – I’ll do my best to help.

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