Blown Away

I am in oodles of awe at what Meggie did for April 2021. She had asked if it would be okay to do a Dandy-inspired theme, and I was like “oh heck yeah!”

Next thing I know, I’m walking into the office and these dandelions are stashed all around it.

I mean, I was blown away at how cool and simple these dandelions were to make: cut up some paper plates with decreasing circumferences, glue them together and then tape together some markers and wrap them with green tissue paper.

She also used the same green tissue paper as the grass along the windows. Her shearing scissors made quick work of it.

Some of the flowers would lean from time-to-time, but I fixed that by sticking a temporary glue dot on one of the “seed fluffs” and adhering it to the window.

I regret not saving one of these adorable flowers to add to our office décor.

Oh my gosh – this also marks the month of when we resumed having actual displays with items to check out! It really helped to make our space feel more comforting. During the pandemic we took all the books and shelved them, leaving our space easier to clean. It was heart-wrenching most days to walk in to a blank canvas. BUT BLANK CANVAS NO MORE!

Meggie also surprised me one morning as I was walking up to the side entrance – there were a bunch of adorable dandelions (with lions’ faces) along the windows.

I actually cheered out loud. And then thankfully I remembered to get a photo of what I saw.

I think that it’s fun to show some of the “behind the scenes” work that we do to make our décor come alive.

Meggie did the ole “project the art to trace” technique for both the painting on our reading bench, and on our whiteboard. Sweetie lives up to her name.

Heba made a small sign to go with our first post-pandemic book display. Click on the image below to get your own sign. Ours had our white logo in the lower right-hand corner. You can do the same, but, with like, your library’s logo. Heh.

Dandy and Sweetie were HUGE hits, and there were a handful of kids who were very vocal about their excitement in spotting these characters.

Finally, I’m excited to say that Meggie’s fantastic work inspired me to create the following month’s theme…which I can hardly wait to share! See you then.

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