While going through thousands of files in my quest to rebuild my blog, I came across one of the very first images that I created when I began overseeing our Children’s Library in 2013. This was either one of my earliest Photoshopped images, or it was built with either Word or Publisher. Yes, you can still get fun and creative results using those two programs. I thought that y’all would enjoy seeing and/or using this.


Due to a series of very unfortunate events, I’m needing to recreate Hafuboti from the ground up. Currently the only thing available on this site is the #LAFE Library. Until things settle back down, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or requests: [email protected] I truly appreciate your patience with this whole situation. Rebecca McCorkindale

The Kitty Café

You, too can hold a life-changing event that helps both people and kittens at your library. Read on to discover how the partnership began between our public library and the Nebraska Humane Society, how the program went, and some thoughts on how it could be improved in the future. How it came to be: Sometimes the stars align, a butterfly flaps its wings in Africa, and someone posts cute kitty pictures on the web. One such day happened a few months ago, and what it led to was one of the most wonderful events ever. I must confess, of all the social media that I manage for our library, Twitter is the one that seems the dullest to me. There’s not a lot of interaction, but then again, I don’t put a heck of a lot of effort into cultivating it. So, when the Nebraska Humane Society posted yet another crazy-adorable picture of kittens, I impulsively responded. And magic happened. To this day the above photo just kills me with teh cutes. I cannot even put into words how I feel about this interaction (especially because I was the specific person that they could contact to try something out), so here’s a gif: The Humane Society turned out to be a wonderful partner, helper, and supporter. They even have their own PR department that helped with promoting this event. They said that I could focus on the local, and they’d do their more widespread thing. It really sunk in when someone called us who’d heard about the event on the radio. I’m not aware of any of our events ever having hit the airwaves. I mean, seriously? More people liked this Humane Society Facebook post than we have page likes. Kinda awesome (well, except for the whole not having that many page likes). As a former café manager, I knew that health codes would be an issue with this. I did reach out to our county’s health department, but I never heard anything back. So I did the thing that seemed wisest: I had the coffee in a completely separate room from where the kittens were. This had the added benefit of allowing at least one (allergic-to-cats) mom a nice place to hang out while her older kids went in with the kittens. I had reached out to a local coffee shop to be a part of this, but never received a response. That was probably my biggest disappointment. Offering a local business some positive PR, only to be met with crickets? *sad face* How it went: The setup for this event was easy-peasy: a table with coffee/creamers in our foyer, putting away our tables in the meeting room, and edging the room with some chairs. Our Children’s Librarian even offered up the use of her rolling dry erase/felt easel to put outside declaring that the Kitty Café was open. During the event, I was the only library staff member there. The Humane Society essentially ran the event for me.

Really-Truly Welcome to Hafuboti!

For over a year I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a blog. Back then the amazing Aunt Peaches put the idea in my head that I should give blogging a try. 9-17-2020 The rest of this post I rattle on a bit about my hopes for the blog, which were, essentially, getting people to go to my Etsy shop. I hope that anyone who is reading this and has been tempted to start a blog, will find the courage and chutzpah to go for it. For a long while, it can feel like you’re yelling into the internet void. But after a while, you post something that catches (even just a little), and you begin feeling heard. Then you might start connecting with a reader or fellow blogger. And that’s when it begins to almost feel magical. If you’re intrigued about the possibility of starting a blog, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m always available on Facebook or Twitter, and my new email address works: [email protected], along with my old email address: [email protected] I’d love to chat about this.

Welcome to Hafuboti

Hafuboti will be up and running by November 1, 2012. I look forward to sharing my love of books, crafts, and creativity with everyone. Until then, have a happy fun book time! 9-8-2020 Looking back on this first post is quite an emotional experience. If the Rebecca of now was to go back in time and share with the Rebecca of then just half of what’s happened because of this blog? I probably would have laughed in future Rebecca’s face. I believed that my blog mainly existed to drive potential buyers to my Etsy shop. Instead, it helped my find amazing friends from all over the world. My life and career have been made richer because of those relationships.

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