LEGO MAY-nia 5: The Battle for the Planet of the LEGOs

You may get an odd sense of déjà vu while you read this post, and there’s good reason for it: I’ve shared this information previously in my 2017 Décor Themes post. I’m revisiting this since my LEGO-themed posts are unsurprisingly some of the most popular pins on Pinterest. I also wanted to write a bit… Continue reading LEGO MAY-nia 5: The Battle for the Planet of the LEGOs

#LAFE Vectors

Last year, Jonathan, the Scholarly Communications and Digital Librarian at The University of New Mexico’s Health Sciences Library & Informatics Center, sent a very kind email asking about vector versions of my #LAFE designs. We had a nice email exchange – though I was unable to help since I was still a novice at vector… Continue reading #LAFE Vectors

Libraries Are For Everyone: Ho-Chunk

John Lee used the Submit a Translation form on the #LAFE Library page to send me the Ho-Chunk translation. Yay! They even broke down the meaning: waagax hakiruxara – bookhociira – the houseshanąąc – everyonewagi’ųire – they made it for them Thank you very much, John Lee!!!

Libraries Are For Everyone: Slovak

Pavol Batalik, the Director of Faculty Library on Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovak Republic generously provided the Slovak translation of LAFE. Thank you so very much, Pavol!!!

Libraries Are For Everyone: Kituba

An anonymous elementary school librarian in Texas worked with local families to get this Kituba translation. Thank y’all so much for making these signs possible!!!

Libraries Are For Everyone: Quechua

It’s a new translation from an awesome Peruvian musician Tayta Bird via Sarah Prokop, founder of Librarians Unite For Equal Rights. I hope to someday book both of them for an epic library dance party program. Seriously. Thank you, Tayta Bird and Sarah!!!

Libraries Are For Everyone: Dakota

Awesome librarian Jessica spoke with Dakota tribal elder Glenn Wasicuna, and he provided us with the Dakota translation of Libraries Are For Everyone. Thank you to Jessica and especially Glenn Wasicuna!!!

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