#LAFE Akan & Twi

This LAFE translation comes from the work of four wonderful people who wish to remain anonymous. However, I can say that it was a partnership between a school librarian, a teacher, a student, and the student’s grandmother.

Here’s what the librarian shared with me: 

I received this today from a teacher in my building: 
Akenkanbea ye obiara dea (Twi)
I conferred with a brilliant student here in the building. She told me there are multiple ways to say “library” and the above first word is one of them. She was even so gracious enough to call her grandmother to double check! (Insert proud gasp here!) She also speaks/reads Akan. She told me that Akan and Twi are intertwined or derivatives of each other. She described it as American English and British English. Therefore, the phrase above is representative of both languages. I hope this helps! This was fun!!! 🙂

I love, love, love these sorts of emails. It makes me extra-excited to share the finished product.

So without further ado, here is the sign set for Akan and Twi!

And because I put a call out on my social media, I ended up with a second translation. I love being able to share the beauty of languages, and so I’m always thrilled to create variations of the LAFE message.

This one comes from Lois D. at Woodstock Middle School. Thank you so much, Lois!!!

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